10 Tips to get Pregnant Quickly

To get pregnant, try these few things which can increase the chance of getting pregnant quickly like having sex during ovulation, diet, exercise.

Every couple wishes to have a baby when they are planning to start a family. But it may take some time for some couples to conceive which hurts them. If you are planning to have a baby then you have to wait patiently because patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

If you want to get pregnant, try these few things which can increase the chances of getting pregnant quickly like having sex during the ovulation period, diet, exercise and consulting your doctor. Further, read on for tips to get pregnant quickly.

Preconceptional checkup and counselling

Before you try for pregnancy, it is very important to schedule a preconception check-up with your health care provider. Your healthcare provider may start prenatal vitamins (Folic acid, 400 mcg) before you get pregnant to prevent any birth defects like neural tube defects in the future.

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Preconceptional counselling with your health care provider will help to deal with and control your medical conditions before you gets pregnant to prevent complications in the pregnancy.

Intercourse during ovulation period

The ovulation period, also known as the fertile period is the best time to get pregnant. Your ovulation period starts from the 9th day and ends on the 19th day calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period.

There are some other ways by which you can find out your ovulation time. Your cervical mucus gets slippery, thin and sticky; body temperature rises by 1 degree Fahrenheit and you may feel dull pain on one side of your abdomen during ovulation. As soon as you experience these symptoms, you can have sex with your partner for 10 days continuously to get positive results.

If your menstrual cycle is of 28-30 days then you are most likely to ovulate on the 12th to 14th day. Start having sex 2 days before you ovulate and continue for 2 weeks. If you have irregular periods, figuring out ovulation could be difficult. Ask your health care provider for advice. If you’re not sure when you’ll be most fertile, aim to have sex every other day during the middle two weeks of your cycle.

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Keeping testicles cool– Sitting for long periods, using laptops on laps, keeping mobile in the pant pocket and working in hot environments can all affect sperm production. Wearing loose-fitting garments and using a laptop on the table could make a difference.

Sex positions

Some people claim that different sexual positions can lead to conception but there is no evidence to prove it. But you can try some to get a good result. After having sex in any position except sitting or standing, stay in bed for 10 minutes to let the sperm reach the egg.

There is no need to lift your legs in the air because your pelvis does not move when you put your legs in the air. Don’t go to the bathroom immediately after having sex, wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes so that sperm can enter into the cervix.

Regular intercourse but don’t overdo it

Having sex every other night around the time of ovulation helps increase your chance of getting pregnant but don’t overdo it.

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Healthy and mature sperm is required to have a pregnancy. If you practice daily more than once then it becomes difficult for the sperm to get mature and result in pregnancy. Better to have sex every other day because it’s not a chore to get pregnant.

Don’t smoke

Smoking causes serious health hazards to you and even reduces your chance to conceive. It’s also dangerous for your baby if you’re still smoking when you conceive.

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It is advisable to quit smoking to increase your fertility and prevent health problems in the baby.

Don’t drink alcohol

Heavy alcohol use might lead to decreased fertility. So, it’s best to avoid alcohol if you’re planning to conceive.

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If you don’t stop drinking alcohol even after conceiving then it can affect your baby very badly. So, it is best to avoid alcohol before you are planning a family.

Do exercises

Starting exercise is another way to make your body fit and it also increases the chances of conception. If you were not exercising and have very low movements in your daily routine then it is advisable to increase your movements by being active throughout the day. Exercise at least five times per week or doing 30 minutes walking daily will help you a lot.

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Don’t overdo it because exercising strenuously can interfere with the menstrual cycle, which can affect your fertility. 

Avoid stress

Sometimes not getting pregnant for a long time can be a stressful situation for you. When you take stress, it interferes with your ovulation and causes irregular menstrual cycles which make it difficult for conception.

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Avoid stress or try to relax by doing yoga and deep breathing exercises. Relaxation will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Maintain normal weight

If you are either overweight or underweight then you are at risk of ovulation disorders which make it difficult for you to conceive and get pregnant.

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You can maintain a normal weight by doing exercises (walking, yoga, running) and having nutritious food.

Healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet plays a very important role in maintaining your weight and preventing any disorders.

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Stick to a healthy diet which helps to increase the chances of conception. Try to avoid junk foods and include all the nutrients in your daily diet.

When to consult a doctor?

If you are not getting pregnant even after following the above-mentioned tips then you need to make an appointment with your health care provider to rule out the problem.

If you are taking any medication then talk to your health care provider about it. Certain medications even those available without a prescription can make it difficult to conceive.

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If you have been trying to conceive for six months or more then you need to consult your health care provider because infertility affects both men and women. But don’t worry, treatments are available to deal with fertility problems. Depending on the source of the problem, your doctor may help you to come out of it.


In the above post, we have discussed 10 tips to get pregnant quickly. The ovulation period is the best time to get pregnant. Having regular sex during the ovulation period along with exercising, maintaining a normal weight, a healthy diet; avoiding stress, alcohol and smoking will help you a lot and give you positive results soon.

Thank you all!!! Hope you find this useful.

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