Is it possible to get pregnant while you’re Breastfeeding?

Yes, it’s possible to get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding prior to getting your first period. Although, breastfeeding serves as a form of birth control and offers protection during breastfeeding.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding?

The menstrual period coming for the first time following delivery is very variable and depends on breastfeeding. If you do not breastfeed your baby, menses return earliest by the 6th week (40%) following delivery. If you breastfeed your baby exclusively, the return of menstruation and ovulation is delayed by the 18th week (80%) after delivery.

During breastfeeding, the hormones oxytocin and prolactin are responsible for milk production and ejection. Increased level of these hormones in the body suppresses the brain from releasing hormones required to stimulate the ovary to produce an egg. As a result, ovulation and menstruation are suspended until the mother is breastfeeding her baby.

When a mother is breastfeeding exclusively, the contraceptive protection is about 98% up to six months after delivery.

Can you get pregnant if you’re breastfeeding and your period haven’t come yet?

Breastfeeding provides a natural method of contraception. However, ovulation may precede the first menstrual period and it is possible for you to become pregnant before you menstruates.

It is very necessary for non-lactating mothers to use contraceptive measures after 4 weeks and lactating mothers after 4 months of delivery to prevent any unwanted pregnancy.

If you experience any symptoms of pregnancy before getting your first period after delivery, it is necessary to get checked by pregnancy kit or contact your health care provider to confirm pregnancy.

It is safe to continue breastfeeding once you get pregnant but it is necessary to meet the demands of the growing foetus and the developing child, so increase your calorie intake.

It is very important and also recommended by the doctors to give space between two children at least 18-24 months so that your body can recover completely and thereafter, you can have a healthy pregnancy. If you conceive within 6 months after delivery, can increase the risk of complications in the new pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider about the methods of contraception to prevent pregnancy.


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